Many first time players second guess placing their wagers on the line when playing at an online casino. It takes a lot of confidence in your game play to place your wager on the slot machine. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. With the free play, it ensures you have a chance to spin the reels without worrying about losing your hard earned money. We take a look at the free play options at netentcasinos .

What About the Free Cash Version?

Many online casinos offer welcome bonus features as a means of getting a high customer upturn. With NetEnt casinos, there is the free play version that is available to first time players to their site. What exactly is the free play? Imagine being able to play the various casino games at no added cost. This is exactly what you stand to gain when you try out the free play version at NetEnt casinos such as at .

How does free play operate? With the free play option, players are given a certain amount of cash deposited to their account after signing up to the site. With the free cash, players can wager their money with any available casino game. Is there a catch with the free cash? Yes. The free play is tied with a time limit for the player, usually an hour is given to the player to wager the money.

What About Free Spins?

Free spins are a common bonus feature related with many common online casinos. How does the free spin option work? When a player signs up to a site with the free spin spins, they site credits the free spins to their site. The way the free spins work is that the players gets a chance to spin the reels at no costs. It is a creative way of ensuring players get a chance to feel the reels before placing their wagers.

It is important to note that the free spins come with terms and conditions especially when it comes to cashing out. There are a number of requirements which must be fulfilled by the player before proceeding to withdraw the proceedings from the free spins. It is advisable for the player to use the free spins to learn more about the slot games. This prepares the player when it comes to placing your bets on the line.


Does Matched Deposit Count?

In case you are new player to a site, you can gain access to the matched deposit. The matched deposit is part of the standard welcome bonus offered by online casinos. Why do online casinos refers to this as the matched deposit? The answer to this question is derived exactly from the name itself. It receives its tag since the operation casino matches the initial stake by the player at the casino when signing up.

The amount of deposit reflects the initial deposit you make at the casino. For example, when your initial stake at the online casino is $50, the casino will respond with a deposit of $50. Hence, your total account will receive a total of $100 for you to place wagers withing the site. The main aim of the matched deposit is boosting your game play and offering you with many opportunities of pulling off a win.

Can Free Play Win Your Real Money?

Yes. Free play offers a variety of options which can land you major wins from the online casino. With the free spins options, you stand a chance of spinning the reels and end up winning large. However, most of the free play options come attached with a number of terms and conditions that affects your game. There are a set of requirements which must be met by the player as tied with the bonus feature.

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